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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Attack of the Food Giants

Anyone remember Gazing the Future? It was, among others, a rational pondering and analysis about genetically modified food, and how the dangers are minimised, and the benefits exagerated by large corporations - which are basically only interested in their profit margins, NOT in ending worldhunger or to benefit the farmers, as they often claim.

It so happens I stumbled upon a film which exactly handles about this issue, and much to my delight, they are going through of allmost all objections and remarks I made on my blog. It is gratifying to see that logic and rational reasoning, and an objective assessement of such new (bio)technology is possible, and that the conclusions are much the same.

But then again, it would be quite hard *not* to come to similar conclusions, unless one has a vested interest (which includes politicians who are 'legally bribed' by 'lobbyists'). This film is a documentary in the tradition of Michael Moore; it gives facts, AND it shows how people are mislead, and how corporations try to hide their ethical dubious (mal)practice. I would urge anyone interested in these matters to go to the website: www.thefutureoffood.com and see the film.


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